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How to extend the lifespan of LED light

How to extend the lifespan of LED light

The expected duration of LED light bulbs can be easily extended with a few precautions:

  • LEDs are heat sensitive. Exposure to intense heat or cold can dramatically reduce the lifespan. Indeed, ambient conditions such as the humidity in the air (which should be below 80%) or the environmental temperature (which should be between -20°C and 30°) play a key role not only in the lifespan of the product but its warranty coverage too.
  • Use the same lighting technology within the same fixture. It is already widely known that incandescent and halogen light bulbs generate a massive amount of heat while producing light. For this reason, LEDs should not be used close to these light sources or within the same enclosed fixture. In this case, it’s better to stick to the same lighting technology or switch everything to LED.
  • Turn off the lights when they’re not needed. Leaving lights on, when they’re not needed, will result in higher energy costs and a shorter lifespan. Using a sensor to switch your lights on and off is an easy way to do this automatically.
  • Check your power source. The use of non-compatible wattages or voltage ratings will damage circuits sooner. If, for example, your fixture generates 50 watts and you install a light bulb of 12W, it will overload the bulb and damage it.
  • Make sure the LED bulbs suit your needs. Depending on the application, you might want to use a specific light bulb. Some LEDs are designed to withstand frequent switching cycles (lighting for homes, halls or corridors), while others are designed for more prolonged use (lighting for businesses).


Calculating the lifespan in years is easy. If we suppose that an LED light is on for an average of 7 hours a day for 365 days, this will add up to 2555 hours a year. If the LED light has an expected lifespan of 25,000 operating hours, it will last 9.7 years!

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